Frequently Asked Questions

What do you support?

What don’t you support?

What documents do you require?

How do you assess an application?

What are some tips for completing the application?

What are the reporting requirements?



What do you support?


The foundation has made a strategic choice to fund fewer initiatives more deeply. Most grants are multi-year and tend to be to larger organizations (such as those with an annual budget of $250,000+). We fund new initiatives and established programs. The foundation does not place a cap on administration or overhead, and items such as evaluation, professional development and consulting support can be included in your application.




What don’t you support?
  • Ongoing operating costs

  • Crisis or deficit funding

  • Disease-specific charities

  • Pure research

  • Special events, conferences, or sponsorships

  • National or provincial organizations without strong local roots




What documents do you require?

In addition to your online application form, we require supporting documentation, which varies depending on the particular grant program. The required documents are outlined on the online application but could include:

  • Proposal Budget – a detailed budget for the proposal

  • Financial Statements – the most recent audited, consolidated financial statements

  • Current Operating Budget for your organization

  • Year to Date Financial Report - a summary of your organization's financial position

  • Most recent internal financial statement approved by the Board

  • Directors/Officers – a list of board of directors and officers

  • Letter of Approval to Submit – a letter from the organization signed by the CEO/senior staff position and the board chairperson, indicating that the organization has approved that this request be submitted to the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation

  • Work Plan – a detailed work plan (format provided) outlining the schedule of activities, inputs required, and expected outcomes and measurement.


Please note that we cannot begin a review of your application until all of the documents have been received.




How do you assess an application?

All proposals are reviewed through multiple screens relating to the project, the organization, the community, and the Foundation’s criteria. Our process involves asking questions such as the following:

  • Is this a healthy, growing organization?

  • Does the proposal duplicate or enhance other efforts?

  • Will this project strengthen our community as a whole?

  • How will the lessons learned be shared?

  • What is the lasting impact of the initiative?


There are no right or wrong answers to these questions; they are merely examples of the kinds of issues we explore in making a decision.


When necessary, we will arrange for site visits as well as financial and external reviews. (External reviews are strictly confidential and conducted by local leaders and/or experts in the field.)




What are some tips for completing the application?
  • Use plain language – would your grandmother understand it?

  • Support your rationale – make use of statistics, surveys, and research

  • Support your budget – include details, provide sources, and mention other funders if applicable

  • Demonstrate that you’ve thought about sustainability

  • Tell us what will be different

  • Tell us what you hope to learn

  • Tell us what we can learn




What are the reporting requirements?

We will arrange to meet with you shortly after the grant has been approved, to discuss evaluation, timing, the flow of funds, how/when to announce the gift, and details of your budget.


Regular reporting will occur in your online account. We typically require annual progress reports for each year of the grant, and a final report at the end of our involvement period. Every reporting form has one page of questions and one page of required attachments. Some of the requirements must be uploaded before you will be able to submit your report. Each report will need to answer the questions:

  • What’s working?

  • What’s not working?

  • What’s next?



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