Current Grants


The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation is pleased to support the following programs and projects in 2018.




University of Waterloo

Meaningful Contribution for Healthy Youth Development Pilot Project
$397,095 over three years
Meaningful Contribution for Healthy Youth Development Pilot Project aims to better understand how meaningfully contributing to society impacts young people. The project will involve research as well as a pilot project where 24 non-students will work with 12 non-profit organizations to find innovative solutions to social or environmental issues.

Wilfrid Laurier University

Nadjiwan Kaandossiwin Gami ~ Beautiful Place of Learning
Laurier is proposing to re-purpose Lucinda House, located at 157 Albert Street, into the new Nadjiwan Kaandossiwin Gamik. The current space has approximately 1,600sf of usable area on two floors with additional service space in the basement. By comparison, Lucinda House has 2,200sf on two floors that can be re-developed to accommodate additional functions for the Indigenous Student Centre.




Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank

Establishing a Children’s Mental Wellness Hub

$576,823 over two years

Building on existing partnerships and expertise, we will establish a Children’s Mental Wellness Hub in Cambridge. Through activities/opportunities, food supports, and wraparound counselling supports, we will connect some of the most vulnerable and isolated families/children to preventative and early-intervention supports, promoting mental and physical wellness early in a child’s life.


Carizon Family & Children’s Services

Polaris Parents - Breaking the Trauma Cycle

$380,000 over two years

Healthy parents are critical to the development of children’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing.  By providing mental health supports and treatment to parents who have experienced their own trauma, we can improve outcomes for children struggling with adverse life experiences and mental wellness and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.


Community Justice Initiatives

Restorative Schools – Building a Culture of Inclusion and Caring

$366,638 over two years

In partnership with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, the Restorative Schools project provides the resources, skills and experiences to create a restorative culture in our schools. It will build authentic relationships, increase feelings of inclusion and resolve harm and conflict in ways that put relationships first.


Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre, as lead agency for the Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations

Children’s Community Recreation Workers, Phase 2 

$300,000 over two years

The funding will support and further develop the delivery of quality children’s recreation programs designed to enhance positive child engagement within each neighbourhood in Cambridge. It will increase the capacity of existing programming as well as create new opportunities for children in affordable recreation.


KidsAbility Centre for Child Development

ENGAGE – Supporting Attendance and Participation 

$672,452 over two years

The ENGAGE initiative will provide readiness support and contribute toward participation and attendance for children and families at KidsAbility. The project aims to reduce and remove the barriers associated with missed appointments and build stronger, more resilient families with the skills and support to be successful.


KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, as lead agency for the Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region (ELAWR)

Face to Face Initiative 

$286,440 over two years

Face to Face is a strategic initiative utilizing a portfolio of resources and messages delivered through health care providers, by following the existing continuum of universal health care touch points (pre-natal to 6). The initiative will empower parents to make the most of this critical window of opportunity for learning.


Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre

Building Supportive Breastfeeding Communities Campaign 

$870,913 over four years

The Building Supportive Breastfeeding Communities campaign aims to make Waterloo Region a community where all families have the support and information they need to establish and maintain a positive breastfeeding experience. The campaign will mobilize multi-sectoral partnerships to improve hospital-to-community supports and engage with priority populations to increase breastfeeding rates across Waterloo Region.


Marillac Place

Building Blocks for Brighter Futures

$198,200 over two years

This project will reimagine Marillac Place’s programming in order to maximize its impact on the wellbeing of at-risk children and families. The programming provides critical life supports and educational opportunities for new mother-led families, helping ensure they can thrive.


Muslim Social Services

One Story Two Sides 

$214,654 over three years

A program for newcomer and refugee children under six years of age.  Kids who have experienced uprooting will express themselves through storytelling and acknowledge the changes they are experiencing in their lives. This program will assist newcomer parents and children in adjusting to Canadian society, connecting with peers, and becoming active participants in the community.


Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre

Exploring Self-Regulation in the Early Years  

$684,199 over two years

We will deliver a universal, multi-faceted approach to enhancing self-regulation skill development in the early years of the life of a child. This will be achieved through the exploration and prototyping of: programs/supports rooted in prevention, strength-based approaches, peer connection, and early learning practices promoting self-regulation.


Project Read Literacy Network

Families First Implementation Project 

$641,000 over two years

The Families First Implementation Project will scale the impact of family literacy across Waterloo Region through delivering a Family Literacy Training, Mentoring and Certification program for individuals, organizations and communities.  More parents and caring adults will develop the skills necessary to support their children’s early literacy development and school readiness.


SHORE Centre

Open-Hearted – Support for Unplanned Pregnancies

$294,926 over two years

SHORE Centre will expand its pregnancy options counselling program to meet the needs of families who choose to become parents.  Partnering with existing organizations in Waterloo Region, this all-options support model will help these clients navigate the unique challenges that come from an unplanned pregnancy.



Underground Studio MakerSpace STEAM Education

$70,000 over three years

THEMUSEUM will expand on the success of its Underground Studio MakerSpace to make its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs more accessible, reach more children and youth through increased capacity, strengthen and grow its impact in the community, and ensure continued program quality and value through research and evaluation.


Woolwich Community Health Centre, as lead agency for a collaborative (including Langs, Woolwich Community Services, Wilmot Family Resource Centre and Woolwich Community Health Centre)

Rural Child Wellbeing Project 

$525,000 over two years

There is a significant increase in the number of children living in our rural communities in Waterloo Region.  This project will increase the accessibility of high quality social, health and recreational programs and services in all four townships, to meet the needs of children where they live.



YMCA of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, as lead agency for the Positive Parenting Community Committee

A Collaborative Approach to Positive Parenting in Waterloo Region


Be engaging in a strategic planning process, the Positive Parenting Community Committee will strengthen its capacity to promote a system-wide, collaborative approach to positive parenting, increase awareness of the value of positive parenting, and enable service providers to support and educate parents and caring adults in our region.






Carizon Family & Community Services

Youth Getting Connected
$545,000 over three years
Youth Getting Connected (YGC) supports Grade 8 students identified as being at risk of not graduating from school. Building on learnings and implementing key components of Carizon’s successful delivery of the Pathways To Education program, YGC will provide the care,  coaching and support youth need to effectively transition through their school years into adulthood.

Region of Waterloo, Social Services, Children’s Services Division

Children & Youth Planning Table
$465,868 over two years
The Children and Youth Planning Table (CYPT) is a community-wide collaborative that includes over 500 service providers, researchers, planning bodies and funders serving children, youth and families in our community. As a collaborative we are working for happy, healthy children and youth - today and tomorrow.  This funding supports backbone functions of the Table.


Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre, as lead agency for the Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations

Our Sustainable Network 

$354,076 over three years

The CNO will build sustainable network capacity through two simultaneous processes: 1) Implementing our theory of change to help our work focus directly on grassroots community development; and 2) Undertaking work-related transformation, re-organizing our assets and resources, to achieve our collective purpose.


rare Charitable Research Reserve

Enriching Environmental Education through Indigenous Knowledges  

$123,085 over two years

Enriched education modules will be designed and made available for groups of children and youth.  These groups will be able to visit rare or their surrounding neighbourhoods and learn about Indigenous knowledges, truthful histories, and take part in reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and the land. rare is undertaking an institutional commitment to creating a welcoming, reciprocal space where Indigenous Peoples can engage in traditional land stewardship, learning and teaching, while non-Indigenous children can learn about truth and reconciliation and Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

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