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The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation is pleased to support the following programs and projects in 2016.


Higher Education

Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Doing Well With Conestoga
$554,120 (3 year grant)
The project is a model of inclusive post-secondary learning that integrates the needs of the whole student (psycho-social and cognitive) through mental health awareness, responsive curriculum practices, and capacity development and resiliency building that is grounded in shared understandings of the changing place of education and work.


University of Waterloo
Conrad Grebel-The Ripple Effect Education
$150,000 (3 year grant)
The Ripple Effect Education (TREE) develops and facilitates educational resources to create peace-literate citizens with demonstrable conflict resolution skills, and awareness of justice issues locally and globally.



Wilfrid Laurier University
Laurier School in the Community II
$396,896 (3 year grant)
Laurier School in the Community II (LSIC II) bridges the gap between marginalized groups and university studies. In collaboration with The Working Centre, LSIC II provides opportunities for non-traditional, socio-economically marginalized learners to explore and pursue post-secondary studies in a supportive environment free of charge.



Children's Initiatives



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region

Big Bunch

$119,000  (3 year grant)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region will expand our Big Bunch program to meet the demand of our growing waitlist.  Big Bunch provides children and youth with mentoring support through group programming.  By participating in recreational activities/opportunities youth develop positive relationships, social skills and leadership skills.


Carizon Family and Community Services

Coping With Emotions: Emotional Freedom Techniques for Children

$366,580 (2 year grant)

Emotional Freedom Techniques provide a complementary intervention for individuals struggling with their mental health that may not respond to traditional counselling.  Described as “emotional acupuncture”, this energy therapy practice seeks to balance the energy field of the human body, blocking anxiety, phobias, pain and often physical illness.



Neighbourhood Nature-play: Co-creating responsive, sustainable and developmentally-appropriate children’s nature-play spaces in community parks

$395,000 (2 yea grant)

In partnership with the City of Kitchener and local communities, Evergreen will co-create two nature-play spaces in underserved neighbourhood parks in Kitchener.  Responsive public spaces, staffed by trained play workers, are created, with positive impacts on the health and well-being of children and their families.


Family and Children's Services of the Waterloo Region 

The Resilience Project: Building Resilience for Children, Families and Community

$1,599,400 (4 year grant)

The Resilience Project builds on previous success to offer programs with measured results while providing partner organizations opportunities to build resilience in their organizations and the families they serve.  The project will help engineer resilience for children, families and our community by enhancing multi-sectoral collaboration using a collective impact framework.


Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre as lead agency for the Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations

Children's Community Recreation Workers

$300,000 (2 year grant)

This funding supports the delivery of quality children’s recreation programs within each neighbourhood in Cambridge, designed to enhance positive child engagement.  It will increase the capacity of existing programming as well as create new opportunities for children in affordable recreation programs.


Kitchener-Waterloo Counselling Services 

Parenting Now: Today. Tomorrow. Together.

$1,339,320 (4 year grant)

This project will implement three prototypes for parenting education developed through our 2014-16 design study.  Grounded in the learning experiences of parents and caring adults, Parenting Now offers a unique and dynamic interface of online and in-person opportunities for parenting education.


Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA  

The First 2000 Days

$635,100 (4 year grant)

The First 2000 days is an intentional strategy that increases knowledge of the importance of the first 2000 days of a child’s life by connecting with mothers post-birth, linking them with program such as Parenting My Baby which provide information, early intervention and continued supports throughout the parenting journey.


Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre  

Pedagogy Leadership with Families and Community

$455,234 (2 year grant)

We will further pedagogy exploration and understanding, demonstrating and promoting a common approach to early learning in child and family centres.  The whole family will be invited to deepen understanding of pedagogy and their role in supporting a child’s early learning and transition to school through employing pedagogy in the home.


Project Read Literacy Network (Waterloo-Wellington) 

Families First Waterloo Region

$335,283 (2 year grant)

The Families First initiative will generate a viable, sustainable model of family literacy support for a variety of audiences and demographics in Waterloo Region.  This will create a plan to improve school readiness and contribute to breaking the cycle of intergenerational low literacy and poverty in Waterloo Region.


Strong Start

Get Ready for School program

$538,700 (2 year grant)

This project supports Strong Start’s Get Ready for School program at its existing sites and three new sites to serve approximately 752 at-risk preschoolers.  This program helps prepare children who may be disadvantaged at school entry for a successful transition into junior kindergarten.



The Underground Studio MakerSpace - S.T.E.A.M. Education Programs

$70,000 (3 year grant)

The Underground Studio MakerSpace is a hands-on learning environment where children and youth explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Participants tinker, hack, design and create under six learning streams (3D Modelling, Computer Programming, Circuitry and Soldering, Woodworking, Silkscreening, Textiles and Deconstruction) with industry professionals, parents and educators as mentors.


Waterloo Public Library  as lead agency for the Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region

A Prescription for Literacy: Accelerating the Early Literacy Movement in WR

$304,092 (2 year grant)

ELAWR and Overlap Associates will collaborate with the healthcare community – a universal access point for families – to highlight the critical window of opportunity for early literacy development.  Using Design Thinking, we will develop community-led solutions, consider collective impact and build capacity, accelerating the early literacy movement in Waterloo Region.


Waterloo Region Family Network  

Linking Families, Building Lives 2.0

$100,000 (2 year grant)

Position WRFN as the key resource for families with exceptionalities through: 1) enhancement of the partnership funding model; 2) maximizing staff resource time; 3) implementing several options for family support; and 4) engaging in active advocacy for our families.


YWCA Cambridge  

YWCA Cambridge Girls' Programming Revitalization

$777,962 (4 year grant)

YWCA Cambridge Girls’ Programming Revitalization will provide the organization an opportunity to restructure the way its Girls’ Programming currently operates.  The restructuring will allow us to meet the demands for programming across the Region more effectively, more cost-efficiently, and more sustainably.





Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre as lead agency for the Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations

CNO Capacity Building

$73,250 (2 year grant)

This project will continue to build the capacity of the CNO to learn, define and organize itself as a strategic table, and to maximize and demonstrate impact in its community.



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